Advanced Layer Tools

CMS IntelliCAD® 8.x now provides advanced layer management commands and toolbars

There are a variety of new layer management enhancements in IntelliCAD 8.x: Layer States, Layer Filters, Layer Search Control (Layer Explorer), New Layer Properties in Explorer (Transparency, New VP Freeze), New Layer Tools Toolbar and New Layer Tools Menu. Layers in CMS IntelliCAD are like the transparent overlays you use in manual drafting.
User can use layers to organize different types of drawing information. In IntelliCAD, each entity in a drawing exists on a layer. When users draw an entity, it is created on the current layer.

CMS IntelliCAD Explorer is able to:
• Manage elements related to settings and entities in your drawings.
• Organize information on layers, manage layers, and work with layer states.
• Create and use linetypes.
• Load text fonts and create text styles.
• Select and control coordinate systems.
• Save and restore named views.
• Work with layouts.
• Save, insert, and manage blocks and external references.
• Work with groups.
• Copy, cut, and paste dimension styles between .dwg files.

Uers can control the visibility of layers in individual viewports. When turning a layer off, entities drawn on that layer are no longer visible, and they do not print. Although a layer may be invisible, you can still select it as the current layer, in which case new entities are also invisible until the layer is turned back on. Entities on invisible layers can also affect the display and printing of entities on other layers. For example, entities on invisible layers can hide other entities when using the Hide command to remove hidden lines.

Users have several available simultaneous options to access Layer tools. CMS IntelliCAD Menu, Ribbon tools and Layer toolbar are all available at the user interface.